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Services & Success Stories

Our dedicated sales staff provides cost-effective computer solutions, prompt order support, and assistance to countless customers with our technical expertise. Here are some case studies:

The accounting department of a local city government had a unique situation. They budgeted $275,000 for their planned minicomputer accounting system. After exploring alternative solutions with HP, IBM, and DEC, the least expensive quotation for a complete system was $325K. This exploration process and document review took three months and no satisfaction. The accounting department approached Applied Computer Online Services for help, it only took two weeks to set up the complete system customized to their requirements. Their requirements included, but were not limited to:

  1. Integrating the new multi-users A/P accounting system with HP Hosts.
  2. Allowing assignments of A/P accounts on each check right before printing (only after the public voted on the bill or measure!).

The total cost of this system was less than $12K for hardware, software, consulting, programming, and training.

A local Laser Printer company was paying $10,000 a month for a maintenance fee to Digital for the minicomputer that ran their accounting system. The company controller was looking for ways to save money on the $10,000 fee. After several months of deliberation, they decided to go with our proposal:

  1. Install a Novell LAN.
  2. Upgrade some old systems into workstations
  3. Redeploy an existing Compaq computer as a File Server.
  4. Convert all the accounting information from the DEC mini into Computer Associates' ACCPAC PLUS accounting software.

The total cost of this project was $10,000 including upgrading hardware, new software, training, and customizing P&L statements and other accounting reports. Maintenance is handled by existing internal support without external recurring costs.

A national bicycle parts manufacturer worried when a major competitor spent $225,000 to purchase a new IBM AS/400 minicomputer and accounting system. The owner insisted on getting an equivalent system to feel confident about his accounting system. Being knowledgeable in information systems, and the accounting, the company controller was very interested in saving money. He worked closely with Applied Computer Online Services to design a powerful, reliable, and well-supported accounting system.

Fortunately, there was a detail comparison study conducted by a PC/DEC Magazine analyzing accounting systems on IBM PC Local Area Network vs. minicomputer systems. The report concluded that a $50K worth of Novell LAN system will provide the same computing performance as a $5.5M DEC mini computer in accounting. After two months of intense discussion and getting a 100% guarantee from us, the owner finally agreed to go with Novell LAN and Computer Associates' ACCPAC PLUS accounting software. Two weeks later, the new system was up and running with about 40 workstations attached to the file server. The total cost for this project was $25,000

Later, in a company party, the owner revealed that the competitor's system only had five workstations and that the AS/400 system was "still not working properly". That was four months after the competitor installed the AS/400.