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Applied Computer Online Services (ACOS) carries over $2.8 billion worth of physically verified inventory ready to ship worldwide. We have what you need, when you need it, at low prices!

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Contact Information
2901 Moorpark Ave, Suite 100
San Jose, CA 95128
800-609-1702 (U.S. Toll-Free)
Fax: 408-551-6882
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 1:00am - 5:00pm PST excluding US holidays.

We welcome all questions: pricing, stock check, freight, landed price, sales tax, technical issues, product specification/pictures, product compatibility, comments, and suggestions.

To save you time, here are our preferred contact methods and their suggested use:
  1.  Instant Messages - best for stock check, pricing, or confirmations when you need an instant answer.
  2.  Phone - if you need to clarify something or if you don't use instant messaging.
  3.  Email - when you have a long list of parts, or need to contact us outside of office hours.
  4. Fax - for your PO, Request For Quote, signed forms, etc.

Services & Support

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Purchasing Department 


General Mailbox  


Angeline Chan
: 408-248-2606
     (Trillian) AngelineApplied 
     Working Hours: 1 am ~ 9 am PST 

John Schweizer
: 408-551-6881

     (Trillian) johnapplied 
     Working Hours: 9 am ~ 6 pm PST 

Mandy Liu
: 669-342-5590
     (Trillian) mandyapplied 
     Working Hours: 0:30 am ~ 9:30 am PST 

Marcus Hackley
: 669-342-6217
: 714-404-9276
     (Trillian) appliedmarcus 
     Working Hours: 9 am ~ 6 pm PST 

Sam Chan
: 408-551-6880
: 408-888-8828
     (Trillian) samapplied 
     Working Hours: 9 am ~ 6 pm PST 

Taber Price
: 408-551-6887

     (Trillian) taberapplied 
     Working Hours: 9 am ~ 6 pm PST 
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